Operation Deepen Faith: Bible Reading and More

Each year Becky hosts the Operation Deepen Faith challenge to read the Bible, study it, and grow in our faith. There are several options and you can participate in one or more of them, depending on what your goals are. You can see them at her post here.

I try to read the Bible each year using different reading plans. Every other year (on the “even” years), my husband and I plan to lead a group of people through reading the Bible in 90 days, from February 1 to May 1. In 2016 this will take place from February 1 to April 30 due to the leap year. I plan to use this reading plan for the 90 day reading. Once that is completed, I plan to read the Bible again along with God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment by Jim Hamilton. There is a reading plan for reading his book along with the Bible, to better get an idea of Biblical theology.

I read a lot of Christian non-fiction (her #7 goal), so that’s pretty much a given. I’m also working on Bible memorization (her #5) so will continue with that in 2016. I’m finishing up Ephesians and hope to start on 1 Peter by February or March.

She has a couple of optional choices this year that look like fun – the Alphabet Reading plan, as well as the Bingo Challenge. I’m hoping to do both but will have a separate page for them. She also has a goal for reading some of the creeds or confessions. While not committing to that, I do desire to read some of these and have a better grasp on these statements of faith.


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