What Are We Sowing?

Excellent sermon this past Sunday as part of a current series going through the Minor Prophets. The message was on Hosea and dealt with the warnings of flouting God’s covenant and living a life of waywardness. While as believers our sin is forgiven, that doesn’t mean we don’t deal with the consequences of that sin in this life. We cannot live a wayward life without reaping the consequences. Hosea 8:7 – “For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” What are we sowing in our life? Are we sowing materialism, worldliness, self-centeredness? Or are we sowing generosity, holiness and love? What are we allowing into our lives that then flows out of our lives in our words and actions? Do the TV shows and movies we watch honor God or shift our focus onto worldly things? Do the articles we read, the video games we play, help us to grow in holiness or fulfill our selfish desires? If we are constantly intaking a diet of profanity, sexual innuendo and violence, that will flow out of our lives in what we say or how we react. We will reap what we sow. So what are we sowing in our lives?

Another thing that struck me from Hosea was in chapter 14 and verse 8: “O Ephraim, what have I to do with idols? It is I who answer and look after you. I am like an evergreen cypress; from me comes your fruit.” God is the one who produces fruit in us. Idols can’t produce fruit. If we are seeking after idols (anything that takes the place of God in our lives), we won’t be producing fruit. We must be seeking after God. Are we allowing idols to rule us or God? If there is no fruit in our lives, perhaps we are pursuing idols rather than God.

The full sermon hasn’t been uploaded to the church website yet, but when it is, you can listen to the full sermon here (the 12/6/15 date).


2 thoughts on “What Are We Sowing?

  1. Reblogged this on By the way… and commented:
    Paul told the believers in the Galatian churches, “Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.”

    Debi wrote a brief review of a couple of the points that Pastor Terry McIntosh made in his message this past Sunday. Will you take a moment and read it?


  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts from the sermon. “While as believers our sin is forgiven, that doesn’t mean we don’t deal with the consequences of that sin in this life.” Yes, this is an important distinction to make. No “vertical” condemnation does not equate no “horizontal” consequences. We can be fully and wonderful forgiven in Christ, but actions do have consequences in this life.


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