Physical or Ebooks?

I much prefer physical books to ebooks. There’s just something about the feel of a book in your hands. And it’s much easier to flip back and forth or to skim ahead in a physical book. But the benefits of ebooks and having a Kindle include free or low cost books, space-saving and the ease of highlighting and sharing quotes.

This year I have put myself on a no-book-buy freeze to try to get through books that I already own. I’m still allowing myself to get free Kindle books and books through paperbackswap, but am not buying physical books or borrowing books from the library in an attempt to dwindle my own huge pile. Along those lines, while there are some books I have on Kindle that I’d like to read, I’m focusing more on physical books this year in an effort to free up space and to better see the accomplishment of getting through the pile. I’ve also been trying to get through some of my shorter books since they can be finished quickly and make it appear that I’m getting through the pile faster. 🙂

We shall see how well this goes this year and if I’m able to make significant progress in the huge to-be-read pile that stares at me.


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