1 Peter by Jen Wilkin

1 Peter: A Living Hope in Christ - Bible Study Book1 Peter: A Living Hope in Christ – Bible Study Book by Jen Wilkin

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I received a copy of this Bible study guide for review from Lifeway. One thing that was disappointing is that it is set up to be done with a dvd teaching curriculum, which I don’t have. I felt like I was missing part of the study by not having the teaching to go along with it. However, I went ahead to review the study without the dvd curriculum.

One of the great things about this 9 week study is that at the beginning of each week, on day 1, we are to read through the whole book of 1 Peter. This is an important part of Bible study, getting the full context of the book. I was quite pleased that this was made a part of the study. The full text in the ESV is also included in the back of the study guide.

Bible study is much better done in community, so I did not get the full impact of this study as I likely would if doing it with a group. But I found the questions were good at asking what the text was saying and what it would have meant to the original audience, as well as looking at cross-references to broaden the understanding of a concept (such as holiness). This is not a “fluff” Bible study like so many that are out there that tend to focus on feelings. This study asks questions and digs into the text for a better understanding of God’s Word. Having read Jen’s book Women of the Word and its excellent explanation of how to study the Bible, I expected this study guide to be well-written and it was.

I hope to be able to do this study in a group with the dvd teaching at some point to benefit more from it. In the meantime, I think it is a great study for women to do in better learning not only about 1 Peter, but also how to really study the Bible. There are group discussion questions at the end of each lesson to help facilitate the group study.

*I received a copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for my review.

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