Chronological Study Bible NKJV Review

Chronological Study Bible: Explore God's Word In Historical Order- New King James Version (NKJV)Chronological Study Bible: Explore God’s Word In Historical Order- New King James Version by Anonymous

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing Bible. I was sent for review one of the imitation leather versions. While I think it is important to read the Bible straight through for context and to not have sections of books broken up, I also think reading through the Bible in the order that events happened can open up the story and allow us to see the big picture of God’s unfolding story. David’s Psalms are interspersed through his ordeals with his various enemies. The prophets are interspersed with the kings that they were prophesying about judgment to. It really helps to bring clarification to a lot of the Old Testament stories to have things in chronological order. My favorite translations of NASB and ESV have yet to put out a chronological Bible. While I don’t mind the NIV translation, it is not word-for-word, and I’m leary of the New Living Translation as it is much more thought-for-thought and I prefer as close to the original as possible. Without getting into a debate on translations, I wanted a chronological Bible that was in a more word-for-word translation, and I do like the New King James Version as being more readable today than the original King James.

But this Bible is much more than just having the Bible in chronological order. It is also a study Bible. It does not have commentary style notes like most study Bibles, however, it does include information and articles to help explain the text. Because it is chronological, there are no book outlines, but there are instead timelines and information about what was taking place during that era of humanity. Throughout the Bible, the top of the pages includes a running timeline of where you currently are in history.

In the back is a glossary as well as a concordance and reading plans are included to help you read through the Bible. Definitely a great Bible to see the chronological story, as well as being a more accurate translation.

*I received a copy of this Bible for free from the publishers Thomas Nelson through the BookLook Bloggers program in exchange for my review.


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