Books and Multiplication

My to-be-read list is out of control. And they keep publishing interesting looking books! I think I will need to stop reviewing books, even though it’s a great way to get free books. I really need to plow through the massive pile I already have! And part of the problem is that I get interested in different subjects, so then I start looking at books on something different and ignore the ones I already have that are on different topics. Too much of a mood reader. My no-book-buy ban doesn’t seem to last very long. I would like to re-institute it but have trouble sticking to it. What will help is that now I have a budget for each month, so if I want to buy a book, I have to have enough money saved up in my hobby account. If not, I must wait. Good discipline!



4 thoughts on “Books and Multiplication

  1. Enjoyed your book rambles. I actually don’t get many books to review. Somehow I don’t like the “pressure” that since I got the book free, I must promptly read it and review it. I prefer a bit more freedom to review what I want, when I want. If that makes sense? I have quite a biblical/theological library too, but don’t spend much. Living in the Bible belt, I stumble upon quality Christian books at thrift stores and library/literacy fundraising book sales. And a local used book store has an impressive Christian -and- Christian academic section. Using and combining different methods – I rarely pay more than $1 or $2 for a book. But i do pay regular price from time to time, but even then waiting for a sale or free shipping if online.

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  2. Yes, that is a downfall to reviewing books, I do feel more pressured to read them. The “getting them free” usually outweighs the pressure for me, But now I feel like it’s taking away from my getting through the books I already own. Our church library was dissolved and I was able to snag a whole bunch of books from that, so my to-be-read just skyrocketed! If I can just ignore all the new stuff coming out, maybe I can make some progress.


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