Starter Bible by Thomas Nelson

Starter Bible

For young children, this is a colorful storybook with short Bible stories. I think the intent is to introduce them to some of the key stories in the Bible. But it is sorely lacking in what it covers. For starters, while creation of Adam and Eve is covered, there is no mention of the Fall or of sin. The story of Noah’s ark is given with no reason for why the flood happened. It is a bunch of disjointed Bible stories with no underlying theme. Jesus isn’t even mentioned until the story of His birth (which also has the first mention of sin – that Jesus is God’s only Son and would save the world from sin).

If you are looking for a storybook with short Bible stories, this provides something. But if you are looking for something to introduce children to the theme of the Bible, that is Jesus Christ, and the story of man’s fall and God’s redemption, this is not it. I would recommend instead using The Big Picture Story Bible by David Helm.

The Big Picture Story Bible

*I received a copy of this book (Starter Bible) free from the publisher in exchange for my review through Book Look Bloggers.


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