1 Peter 1-4 Overview

Peter, an apostle, to the elect exiles
Father, Spirit, Jesus
Mercy of Father – we are born again through Jesus’ resurrection
Our inheritance is kept in heaven and cannot perish
God’s power guards till last time
This is cause for rejoicing
Genuine faith (more precious than gold) will result in praise at Jesus’ revelation
Though unseen, still love Jesus
Outcome of faith is salvation
Prophets prophesied regarding this salvation
Prophets inquired who and when
Prophets were serving future, what has now been announced to us
Mind is to be prepared, sober and set on grace coming
Be holy rather than conforming to former ways
God is our judge so walk in fear/reverence knowing that we’ve been ransomed by imperishable and precious blood of Christ
Christ was foreknown before the world but has now been made known for our sakes – whose hope is in God
Because we’ve been purified through our obedience – love others
We’ve been born again through what is imperishable – God’s Word
Everything fades but God’s Word stands forever – this is the good news we’ve been taught
Because of this, put away malice, deceit
Long for pure milk of the Word in order to grow
If we have tasted God’s goodness
Sojourners/exiles, abstain from fleshly passions
Keep conduct honorable so God is glorified
Be subject to governments
God’s will that we do good
Live as servants, honoring everyone and loving fellow Christians
(Servants) be subject to masters
Suffer for doing good, not evil
Follow is Christ’s example of suffering
Christ did not sin or revile others, but entrusted Himself to a just judge
Christ bore our sins, we strayed but now have returned to Him
(Wives) be subject to husbands
Let adorning be hidden person of gentleness, not outward
Example of women of old
Husbands are to live with wives in an understanding way, as fellow heirs
Brotherly love and unity, blessing others
OT quote: turn from evil to good
Blessing if suffer for being righteous, so don’t fear
Honor Christ as holy, being ready to explain the hope you have
Be gentle and respectful so if slandered, the slanderers will be shamed
Suffering for good rather than evil is better
Example of Christ: suffered for righteousness by His flesh dying yet His spirit alive
Christ proclaimed to imprisoned spirits – in days of Noah they were disobedient even though God was patient
Baptism is an appeal to God for a good conscience through Jesus’ resurrection and He now is in heaven with all powers subjected to Him
Because of Christ’s suffering, have the same way of thinking since suffering in the flesh ceases to sin
The rest of the time in our flesh is lived for God’s will not human passions
Past time was when indulging in these passions like the Gentiles
They malign you when you don’t join them but they’ll give an account
Though judged in the flesh, people may live in the Spirit the way God does
Be self-controlled and sober-minded for the end is near
Love others
Show hospitality without grumbling
We all have a gift – use it for service with God’s strength so He is glorified
Don’t be surprised at fiery trials as if they were strange
Rejoice in sharing Christ’s sufferings so you can rejoice when His glory is revealed
Being insulted for Christ’s name is a blessing
The Spirit of God and glory rests on you
Don’t suffer for evil
Don’t be ashamed to suffer as a Christian but glorify God for it
Judgment begins with God’s household, which doesn’t bode well for the ungodly
When you suffer for God’s will, entrust yourself to God who is faithful