My whole life has been spent in between one place and another. In one country but from another. Never really fitting in or feeling that I belonged anywhere specifically. As a Christian, I am living in between this world and the next that is to come. I don’t really belong to this world – I have been created for another world. Perhaps that is one reason why God has allowed me to grow up in-between different worlds. To bring home the message that it isn’t about this world but about the next.


Living by Faith

Today’s sermon ended up being shortened due to time constraints, but the sum-up was that life is difficult and we are to live by faith. God has been bringing to my attention a lot lately that I need to trust Him more than I do. I have always been a worrier, and worry is an indication of a lack of trust in God. Trusting that He is in control and is powerful enough to handle any situation means there is no need for worry. Ever. Living by faith is trusting in God and His ways, not in our understanding of how we see things around us. The world is a messed-up place, where it seems that those who live wicked and immoral lives thrive and flourish and those who try to do right seem to suffer. But we will not understand God’s plan in this lifetime. It is not necessary for us to understand but instead of us to trust Him in faith that He is in charge of everything.