Worry Not

I’ve always been a worrier. It’s something I’ve struggled with most of my life. God has been teaching/reminding me lately that worry is a sin against Him. When I worry, I’m basically telling God that I don’t trust Him. That I don’t believe He is in control and is able to handle any situation or circumstance that I face. He has proven His love for me and His sovereignty. I need to not try to control my own life but let go and trust Him to handle things. Worry does not reflect a life that pleases God.

Can God be trusted?
Is the question
What my heart can truly say
Do I believe His promise to me?
That He cares for me each day?
When I worry
I am saying
I don’t trust You God to save.
Spitting on His power holy
I may as well just walk away.
God is sovereign
Mercy tender
Teaching me to trust Him more.
I must lay the care of worry
At His feet and close the door.
God can handle
Any problem
“Worry not” He says to me.
He will tackle each high mountain.
I let go and peaceful be.

Too Many Choices

In most ways, I have acclimated to living in the US. I don’t think about having grown up as a missionary kid on the other side of the world. But then, I’ll be reminded of how different things are here. For instance, being at the grocery store yesterday. I just wanted to buy pepper. Staring at all the spices and choices was rather disconcerting. Where’s the plain old pepper? That’s all I want! I understand the frustration that missionaries feel when they try to go shopping back in the States. There are so many choices! Why do we need so many choices? What happened to things being simple?


Sometimes there seems to be so much on my heart or in my mind but it’s hard to find the words to put it out on paper (or blog :-). God has really taught me and grown me a lot in the past year through various circumstances that have taken place. Learning to not let things get to me so much, learning to trust Him to work things out instead of worrying. I haven’t completely gotten these lessons nailed down, but He continues to patiently teach me and growth continues in these areas. Moving to a new place is like the chance to start over but you always take yourself with all your shortcomings wherever you go.

I found a lot of my old journals when we were packing up and moving. It’s interesting to see how much things change through the years. This life is a journey.

God Is Faithful

It is amazing to me to see how God has worked out the details in the last few weeks as we have moved and are getting settled into the new place. Our washer wasn’t delivered when it was supposed to, but was delivered a week later and we were able to make do until then. It didn’t rain on the day of the actual move when the movers were moving our boxes and furniture, which was a blessing that our stuff didn’t get all wet. The cats were freaked out for a while but have now settled in and adjusted to the new place as home. So many things, even just the little details that are part of daily life, God has faithfully taken care of us and provided.