About Me

My name is Debi Martin. I was born in the country of Bangladesh to missionary parents, growing up as a missionary kid in Bangladesh and eventually Kenya. I believe in Jesus Christ as the only way to Heaven. This world is temporary as I grow to be more like Christ in anticipation of my future home in heaven. I thus am a sojourner, between worlds.

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Missionary Kid’s Life
A missionary kid…
Yes, that’s me.
But I didn’t know
It would be so hard, God.
The goodbyes…
So many.
I can’t even remember
All the friends I’ve
Left behind.

Settling in,
A new home.
Moving on just as the roots
Begin to grow.
You’d think it’d get easier, God,
This tearing up of roots.
It doesn’t, God.
It doesn’t get easier.

Finding stability in You,
Not in where I live.
My security is in Your love,
Not in all the relationships
I’ve left behind.
Seeing the world from an
Eternal perspective – God’s love
For everyone, every culture, every color.

Am I glad to be a missionary kid?

I wouldn’t trade it for anything.