New Year and Reading Lists

I love this time of the year, when the old year ends and the new begins. While it is an arbitrary point on a calendar, I like the idea of a fresh start, a new beginning and the start of a new year lends itself to this thinking.

I also love to make lists. So making a reading list for the new year is something I enjoy. Whether I actually stick to that list is another story. But the making of the list is fun, so I continue to do it, even if I don’t actually stick to it. Tim Challies’ 2017 Reading Challenge also provides an opportunity to make book lists.

I also find that the new year is a great time to make goals. I’ve learned to be more realistic in my goal-setting, yet still trying to stretch myself. But never accomplishing goals can be discouraging so I try to make goals that are somewhat attainable. However I do have some ambitious book goals for 2017. The last few years I have had the goal of reading 100 books. Once again I hope to read 100 books in 2017. But this year I have added the goal of trying to not buy any books during 2017. This is mostly to work on reading my own books and getting my to-be-read mountain lowered. I’m not sure I can go a whole year without buying any books. This should be interesting.

One of my other goals includes reading Michael Horton’s The Christian Faith. I love theology and have several monstrous tomes to read. Picking one to read each year should help me wade through them. Because I read so much and I love trying different Bible reading plans, in 2017 I plan to start an annual goal of reading through the Bible twice each year. For 2017 I plan to read through the NKJV Chronological Bible (which I’ve already started) and also read the Bible along with Thomas Schreiner’s The King in His Beauty book (there is a reading plan for reading the book along with the Bible).

I also have a Scripture memory goal that I’m working on and a health goal. Do you make goals for the new year? What about reading goals or lists?


3 thoughts on “New Year and Reading Lists

  1. I don’t make specific goals, but do generally think about what I want to focus on…if that makes sense? I find that specific goals and too much structure makes me feel confined and I actually do less. With more freedom and flexibility, I accomplish more. In 2016, I read through several commentaries – which I had never done before. In the past I just used a commentary as a reference. But I found reading through a commentary so helpful, I will keep doing this. I have also never read through a doctrine or systematic theology book. Again used it as a reference. Well, I have read through ones focused on one thing like soteriology or hamartiology, and through sections of broader ones, but never an entire one. This is on “my list” to do – this year? We will see.

    By the way, I still have copies of my book if you’d like one. I have several e-book codes left, and tangible copies. You may still be overwhelmed with books and not wanting to acquire new ones, but let me know if you’d like one to read and review.


  2. Thanks! I am actually not allowing myself to request any review books this year as part of my no book-buying challenge. With the goal being to get through what I already own.


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